Rocky Mountain Favorite Places and Spaces

Living in Colorado, it is easy to take for granted the beauty that surrounds you every day.  It is hard to pick one place that I can truly call my favorite “space” in Colorado, but I would have to choose a place that I would go in high school to relax and take a minute away to appreciate the beautiful nature that Colorado has to offer.  The top of Bear Mountain in Evergreen is this small towns best kept secret.  At the top of this windy road, you will find the best views of the town, lake, and miles beyond.  There is a small area to park and then you can explore the area from there.  I love to just sit on the rocks and admire the view.  Not only is the view amazing, the rock formations are a site to see by themselves.

If you are feeling adventurous (and have a SUV or car that can take some rocky, rough roads) then you can keep going down the same road and it will take you back down to HWY 74.  Along the road you will find a few abandoned homes and more forest areas you can explore.  A fun family activity for older children!

Melissa Oren

Events Intern

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists